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Say Doppa!

& keep your dopamine going

Travel Guide

‘Dopamine’ is a neurotransmitter made in your brain

It plays a role as a reward center and in many body functions 

including memory, movement, motivation, mood, attention & more

I quit my job… the one and only one that i had worked for since graduated from uni, 5years straight. it was quite a long journey; ups and down and really down. and finally the decision was made after hesitated for a long while

I’m always /a jump before you’re ready/ kind of person. 

not even sure what i’m going to do next, but after putting the weight in the back that i had been carrying for a long time down, it feel somehow relieve, free, energize, and see things clearer

like in this life..  the possibility is endless

I started travelling, moved the based in Thailand from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. be all around northen of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, … the journey is still continue. but the thing is when you can decide what you want to do, spend some quality time to let the journey sink-in 

like I can make things happen, not just let things happen. It just feel so free and kinda fulfill that empty space that I am thriving-for for a long time

I created this little space to collect and memorize those little things that happened along the way. hopefully to remind and inspire that there is something beautiful out there, don’t forget to enjoy this life whether good or bad, learn from that, lets go explore

The dust will settle

All these little steps will add up in the end

And it will definitely worth your while 🙂