Bandung Indonesia Travel Guide, Paris of Java

The city of flowers is living up to its name. From the geological landscape that surrounded by mountains will offer you a more comfortable weather, beautiful scenery of volcanic mountains and craters, gigantic tea plantation and hot springs. The perfect destination to wind down from Jakarta hectic city life. Bandung Travel Guide will introduce you to the Paris of Java where the youth culture is growing rapidly from a vibrant and creative lifestyle in Jl. Braga to the beauty of nature that still blooming of Kawah Putih and Gunung Tangkuban Parahu

Bandung Travel Guide & Things To Do in Indonesia

1. Mount Tangkuban Perahu

The active volcano that located 30km north of Bandung city center. One of the perfect places that nature lovers couldn’t afford to miss. Sink in the cool air of the highland where the distinctive volcano situated, fumed with Sulphur emitting in one of the most fertile land in Bandung


Tips: Take a trip to Ciater’s Revitalizing, the natural hot spring that located 10km upper Mt Tangkuban Perahu. Nothing’s better than soaking in the hot water with a cool breeze on your face

Kawah Putih, White Crater in Bandung, Indonesia

2. Kawah Putih (White Crater)

One of the most favorite tourist attractions in west Java, Kawah Putih is at the top of any Bandung travel guide. The breathtaking scenery of a natural acidic volcanic lake that located 2,500 meters above sea level. In the perfect day, you can expect to see a clear blue sky above the large ancient whitish glow volcanic mountain of Patuha. The stunning backdrop of the White Crater will definitely leave you in awe!

Kawah Putih, White Crater in Bandung, Indonesia

If you planned to drive there, please be careful as the road to Kawah Putih is quite bumpy and consists of many sharp turns. The main entrance that leads to the lake will be packed with tourists (face mask might be required from the clouds of Sulphur billowing). Alternatively, you can walk up the hill through Apache camp glamping to reach the viewpoint that offers the bird eye view for both Kawah Putih and Tea Plantation

Kawah Putih, White Crater in Bandung, Indonesia
Kawah Putih, White Crater in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung Travel Guide

3. West Java Tea Plantation

From its geological landscape that offer a perfect condition with constant temperature and humidity to grow high quality tea. Thanks to the extremely fertile soils from volcanic deposit, Indonesian tea known as the world’s highest catechin content or a natural antioxidant that the tea lover needs


Tea Plantation in Bandung, Indonesia
Tea Plantation in Bandung, Indonesia

West Java dominant as the biggest tea production in the country that in turn created many job opportunities for locals. As only young leaves will be selected by hand-picking that can be first harvested after four years of planting. Unfortunately, Indonesian has tea consumption rate relatively low, almost half of the production is exported abroad to the US and western countries

4. Coffee Plantation

Being one of the oldest coffee planation in the world, you can be sure Indonesia will deliver one of the most inspiring stories to tell. With a long history in coffee specialty especially Robusta. Proving times and times again, from its geological landscape that offers an almost ideal conditions to plant coffee beans. Made Indonesia one of the largest coffee-producing and exporting country in the world!

Bandung Indonesia Travel Guide

5. Drink Coffee Luwak

If you’re in Bandung, drinking coffee Luwak should be listed on top in your Bandung travel guide. From the uncommon method of production that the Indonesian palm civet will digest the coffee beans and then excreted. Offer the highest quality of coffee cherries that made Kopi Luwak the most expensive coffee in the world. It may sound gross, but civet coffee offers more complex flavors profile and the aromatic is definitely a chef kiss!

Coffee in Bandung Indonesia

6. Soaking in The Hot Springs

If you were to take a trip to Kawah Putih, consider to stop by at a natural hot springs of Cibuni Rengganis crater. Being famous among locals, westerners might be a star that most locals will ask for photo op. There is a large amount of dissolved minerals especially acid Sulfate that believed to relieve pain, eases irritated skin conditions, and helps eliminate toxins from the body

Hot Springs in Bandung, Indonesia

Please keep in mind that Indonesia is a Muslim country, wearing something covered is highly suggested

One of the highlight is the Sultan’s basket (zipline) and the suspension bridge that connected Rengganis Crater and its hot springs. Built above the hot springs and the carpet of tea plantation. The sunset view is definitely gorgeous!

Hot Springs in Bandung, Indonesia
Hot Springs in Bandung, Indonesia

7. Patenggang Lake

Java’s love island is where most of the newly-wed came for their honeymoon. A perfect romantic scene that surrounded by lush green tea plantations, evergreen pine trees, and the endless rolling hills. Situ Patenggang located 1600 meters above sea level in Ciwidey village, 45km south of Bandung. The cooler weather and mesmerizing landscape that covers over 45,000 hectares made it one of the peaceful places in your Bandung travel guide


Tea Plantation in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung Travel Guide

8. Jalan Braga

Lets take you back in time to the prosperous period of Bandung where the colonial buildings were built during 1920s. The old glorious history of Jalan Braga once named Paris of Java. The shopping street that filled with art deco buildings, the hippy small lane that over flow with cool cafe, jazz bar, delicious meal and fresh bakeries


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How To Visit Bandung

By Train

If you’re traveling from Jakarta to Bandung (3hrs) or Yogyakarta to Bandung (6hrs), taking the train is one of the good options you should consider. The ticket can be bought online at or purchase directly at the train station

Hop on the scenic train ride, avoid the traffic jam and enjoy the beautiful countryside view

By Bus

The bus or minivan from/to Jakarta or Yogyakarta operate everyday and departure almost every hour. You can book the ticket online for the convenient in the below link

Traveling to Bandung

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Traveling in Bandung

Grab is widely used in Bandung for both car and motorcycle. Most of the attractions is quite far from town, you may consider to go with a tour, rent or hire a bike or a car for a one-day trip

*The recommended period to spend in Bandung is at least 2days. Take a separate day trip to explore the north-side (Mount Tangkuban Perahu) and south-side (Kawah Putih and Patenggang Lake) will be more leisurely to explore. Transportation will take around one hour drive to reach both destinations

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You can also take a Grab to reach Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Kawah Putih (White Crater), or the hot springs. But please keep in mind that there is zero to none chance to call a Grab from those destinations back to the city center


Hitchhiking anyone?



Bandung Indonesia Travel Guide

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