Vien Tian, Laos Capital City : Home of The Broken Buddha Statues

Vientiane travel guide will let you unveil Laos capital city that rich Buddhist history and culture that evidently appear through thousand of broken Buddha statues and delicate temple architecture. Laotian people have a firm believe in Buddhism and temple is where people rat, pray, meet and receive blessings. Most men ordain as a monk for sometimes in their life which is similar from Thai culture, the country neighbor that share Mekong river as a border 

Vientiane Travel Guide and Things To Do

1. Patuxay Victory Monument

The landmark of Vientiane (ປະຕູໄຊ) that you definitely recognize from the first glance. The gateway to the capital city was built with concrete from 1957 to 1968 to dedicate to those who fought for independence from France. The unique architecture has gateways on four sides oriented towards the four cardinal directions. Meanwhile the four ponds represent the open section of the lotus flower as the sign of the brave warriors of the nation


Tips: Entrance Fee 5k KIP, Open Daily 08.00-16.30 / 17.00 on weekends


Vientiane Travel Guide - Patuxay Victory Monument in Laos
Vientiane Travel Guide - Patuxay Victory Monument in Laos

2. Pha That Luang

The great stupa (ພຣະທາດຫລວງ) is a nation symbol that located in Vientiane city center. As can be seen, a beautiful architecture of the golden stupa that has a pinnacle as a real gold is surrounded by the fresh green grass with the white gate to keep the traffic out. The timeless design is regard as the most important national monument in Laos


Tips: Entrance Fee 30k kip, Open Daily 08.00-12.00 & 13.00-17.00


Vientiane Travel Guide - Pha That Luang in Laos
Vientiane Travel Guide - Pha That Luang in Laos

3. Ho Thammasapha

Pha That Luang (The Great Stupa) is surrounded by the temples and monument in all four directions that consists of The King Monument (ຮູບປັ້ນເຈົ້າໄຊເສດຖາ), Ho Thammasapha (ຫໍທັມມະສະພາ), Wat That Luang North, and Wat That Luang Tai (ວັດທາດຫຼວງໃຕ້)

Pha That Luang Vientiane Laos
Pha That Luang Vientiane Laos

Vientiane Travel Guide

4. Wat Sisaket

Vientiane is famous for their ruin temples and broken Buddha statues as the evident from war. One of the oldest temple (ວັດສີສະເກດ) in Vientiane that formerly held the Emerald Buddha, store more than 10,000 small buddha statues that has been placed around the temple wall


Undoubtedly, Sisaket temple is a great representor of Laos rich culture and history, the place where people meet, pray and receive blessings. The tradition that hold Laotian people believe and hope. One of the place that you shouldn’t miss in Vientiane travel guide


Tips: Entrance Fee 30k kip, Open Daily 08.00-17.00


Vientiane Travel Guide - Wat Sisaket in Laos
Vientiane Travel Guide - Wat Sisaket in Laos

5. Ho Phra Kaew

A former Vientiane temple is located in the same ground of The Royal Palace in the heart of the city that was built in 1565 by King Setthathirath. The temple (ຫໍພຣະແກ້ວ) is a must visit for history enthusiastic that usually will included in any Vientiane travel guide. The beautiful architecture and design has a strong influence from Buddhism and well reflect the glorious period of Buddhism in Laos


Tips: Entrance Fee 30k kip, Open Daily 08.00-12.00 & 13.00-16.00


6. Vientiane Buddha Park

The geopark or the spirit city that contains more than 200 giant sculpture statues in an out door space. Formerly known as Xieng Khuan, the place was built in the believe of Buddhism and Hinduism by Luang Pu Bounleua Sulilat in 1958. Lets dive into one of Vientiane top tourist attractions that worth couple of hours of your time to admire these beautiful creations


Tips: Entrance Fee 5k kip, Open Mon-Sat 08.00-17.00 and Sun 10.00-15.30


Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan) Vientiane Laos
Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan) Vientiane Laos

7. Vientiane Night Market

A lively market that located by Mekong river is one of the local’s favorite place to hangout. Not only the stalls of food, clothes, souvenir, but there is also a pop-up amusement park for children are held. Unfortunately, you’ll most likely find the same things or similar design of clothes as you walking through the street. Surely, don’t forget to put Vientiane night market into your Vientiane travel guide to discover Laotian fashion and local food

Vientiane Laos Night Market
Vientiane Laos Night Market

8. Cafe Hopping in Vientiane

The cafe here is lovely!

Let’s take a break and chill in the cafe of Vientiane. The open door cafe, wooden structure and old architecture design will make you feel relax and take you back in time

I listed some of my favorite below:

• Hom Sa

• Design ລາມາລາວ Lamalaos

Cafe in Vientiane Laos
Cafe in Vientiane Laos

What To Eat in Vientiane

I tried mix types of food on these few days trip. Hence, Laotian food is similar to Thai in my opinion. But Vientiane walking street offers variety choices of food and snacks, even the crocodile grill was available! 


What to eat in Vientiane Laos
What to eat in Vientiane Laos

Traveling to Vientiane

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How To Visit Vientiane

From Thailand To Vientiane

I took the bus from Thai border (Nong Khai) to Laos (Vientiane) through Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge, it took less than 10mins (35THB). SIM card and money exchange can be bought in the border

You can take a bus from border to TaladSao (morning market) that will take around 30mins (120k KIP). Meanwhile other transportation options are private car, van, tuktuk (you will find many providers are waiting for you to bargain – don’t settle for the first price)

Traveling in Vientiane

I rented a scooter (350thb/day) since it’s more convenience to commute from temples to night market, restaurants and cafes. The road and traffic was quite easy to drive around. However, most of the scooter rental shops located near night walking street

*Tuktuk and private taxi is easy to find around town

Vientiane Travel Guide - Pha That Luang in Laos

Where To Stay in Vientiane

I stayed at Sailomyen Cafe & Hostel located in the city center near TaladSao (Vientiane Morning Market). The place was absolute clean, the café downstairs provided some tasty food and the staffs were so nice and helpful. The great place to recharge the energy before you continue the Vientiane travel guide

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