17 Best Things To Do in Ipoh, Malaysia

Malaysia third-largest city, Ipoh located between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. The former prosperous city thanks to its geological landscape of the Tin mining industry. The charming city also known as the gateway to Cameron Highlands. Ipoh travel guide will allow you to explore a unique mixed between old and new town. A bit of everything from British colonial, old school street art, modern amenities, and amazing limestone caves 

Ipoh Travel Guide (City Center)

1. Mural Art's Lane

The magic happened in the Back Alley where local artists and college students painted the colors on the old city walls. Represent the living, culture, and history of Ipoh town. Walking down the street, explore Ipoh colorful mural paintings of how the city was formed into society. No one express it better than the locals themselves

The unmissable destination on your Ipoh travel guide!

Ipoh Travel Guide - Mural Art Lane Malaysia
Ipoh Travel Guide - Mural Art Lane Malaysia
Ipoh Travel Guide - Mural Art Lane Malaysia

2. Art of Old Town

The famous Penang street artist, Ernest Zacharevic waves his magic here in Ipoh with 8 signature murals. In collaboration between Ipoh, Old town and OLDTOWN white coffee. Here we are at the birthplace of ‘Ipoh White Coffee’ the words that you might have heard once or twice. Lets grab a drink and explore the heritage and history through the beautiful arts on the wall


Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia - Street Art

3. Ipoh Heritage Trail

The historical of Ipoh old town waiting for you to discover. Take a leisure walk from corner to corners around British colonial buildings. You can start your journey from Ipoh railway station (the sister’s of Kuala Lumpur Railway Station) to the finish line at Concubine Lane where the feast begins


Points of interest on Ipoh Heritage Trail :

  • Ipoh Railway Station (Starting Point)
  • Cenotaph War Memorial
  • Ipoh Town Hall
  • Ipoh High Court
  • Royal Ipoh Club (Padang Ipoh)
  • St. John’s Anglican Church
  • SM St Michael
  • Masjid India Muslim Ipoh
  • Durbar at FMS
  • HSBC Ipoh Branch
  • SPH De Silva Building
  • OCBC Bank Ipoh Branch
  • Standard Chartered Ipoh Branch
  • Arlene House
  • Mercantile Bank
  • Perak Hydro Building
  • Birch Memorial Clock Tower
  • Mikasa Photo Studio (Japanese Spy)
  • Han Chin Pet Soo
  • Concubine Lane
The Birch Memorial Clock Tower in Ipoh Malaysia

Ipoh Travel Guide

4. Ho Yan Hor (Tea Museum)

The well-known Chinese herbal tea, Ho Yan Hor. The creator Dr.Ho Kai Cheong turned his house into the museum, showcase his inspirational journey and determination from the place where it all start to one of the major tea exporter in Malaysia


By the end route, the passionate guide waiting to serve both ready-to-drink herbal tea and product goodness explanation that you may end up buying one or two back home


Ho Yan Hor Museum in Ipoh Malaysia
Ho Yan Hor Museum in Ipoh Malaysia

5. Han Chin Pet Soo (Tin Mining Museum)

The very first Malaysia’s Hakka Tin mining museum. The place originally found in 1893 acted as the Hakka Tin Miners Club. Han Chin Pet Soo hosts the private exhibition of artifacts, collectibles, ephemera, and photographs along with the knowledgeable guide tour that will spice up your curiosity


Tips: The museum open for appointment only – Admission Fee 10RM (booking in advance is highly recommended as the place have limited space)

6. 22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery

Learn more about Ipoh heritage and Tin mining history. The museum has audio explanation in every exhibition rooms that displays how Ipoh people live in 1950s – A unique experience on your Ipoh travel guide. The gallery also contains many oil painting artworks and antique collection. Handcraft gift shop and cafe located on the first floor, a portion of its profit will go to charity


22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery in Ipoh Malaysia
22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery in Ipoh Malaysia

7. Tin Alley

Slow your pace down and explore the heritage buildings in Tin alley that located in Ipoh Old Town. The hub that preserve heritage, art, and culture of Ipoh – the nostalgia of 19th century life. Inspired by the wooden sign-maker craftsmanship, Chow Master. In hope to bring people together and appreciate the beauty of daily life


Street Art Tin Alley in Ipoh Malaysia
Street Art Tin Alley in Ipoh Malaysia
Street Art Tin Alley in Ipoh Malaysia

8. BookXcess Kong Heng Ipoh

Once a home of Ipoh busiest bank, the owners transformed the place into one of the coolest book shop you’ve ever seen. The underground floor full of classic novels to children’s pop-ups offers in an affordable price. 


Book’s lover or not, lets touch on an unique experience where an original architecture meets modern cheek quotes neon lights


BookXcess Kong Heng Ipoh Malaysia
BookXcess Kong Heng Ipoh Malaysia
BookXcess Kong Heng Ipoh Malaysia

9. Concubine Lane

Let the feast begin.. Concubine lane completely transformed from its laidback Ipoh Old Town vibes into jam-packed street food market, rank high on the list for all the foodies. The street occupied by cafes, dessert houses, endless stalls and souvenir shops. Flourishing with street arts that most loved by bloggers and all travelers

10. Kong Heng Square

The unmissable spot on your Ipoh travel guide list located in the center of Ipoh Old Town where the orange bricks were formed. Enjoy the artisan market that originally made by locals, many eateries and the signature Ipoh white coffee. Grab a drink and take some cool photos in the artistic square that covered by ruin walls, big trees, and mural paintings


Street Art Ipoh Malaysia

11. Gerbang Malam Ipoh (Night Market)

Pasar Malam or Night Market located in Taman Jubilee is one of the most vibrant marketplace in Ipoh. Gerbang Malam Ipoh opens everyday from 6PM until midnight. It’s more like a flea market that sale second-handed products, clothing, and souvenirs. Food stalls, local cafes and restaurants can be found around the market

12. The Memory Lane

Sunday flea market or Pasar Karat is a paradise for antique lovers. Ipoh hidden gems for second-handed and used items of household goods, vinyl’s, cassette tapes, radio, clothing to car and motorbike. Meet the traders and get the bundle deals, this street will surely take you back to the childhood memory lane


Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia

Ipoh Travel Guide (Outside The Town)

13. Kek Look Tong Cave Temple

The 12 acres land host the limestone cave temple of Kek Look Tong or Cave of Ultimate Bliss. One of the top destination that you shouldn’t miss. Admiring cave formation, Buddha gold statues and an epic Zen garden. The greenery and peaceful garden has Taoist statues situated at the entrance. Monkeys, gooses, turtles also can be found in the lake 


Tips: There is a running path for joggers in the garden. Family activities such as paddle boat and cycling are also affordable


Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia - Kek Look Tong Cave Temple
Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia - Kek Look Tong Cave Temple
Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia - Kek Look Tong Cave Temple

14. Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple

Discover the oldest cave temple in Ipoh. Sam Poh Tong temple was built within the limestone cave and was discovered by Chinese monk since 1890. You can take a leisure walk through Japanese stone lanterns, Buddhist statues, pagodas, and turtles pond inside the temple. Or climb the stiff stones of 246 steps that lead to scenic view of Ipoh


Tips: You can also visit Nam Thean Tong and Ling Sen Tong Temple that located next to Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple


Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia - Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple
Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia - Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple

Ipoh Travel Guide


15. Tasik Cermin (Mirror Lake)

Ipoh travel guide couldn’t complete without the mirror lake. The beautiful scenery of when the light touch the water surface is priceless. Walk through the dark tunnel where the stunning view will be revealed. Take a deep breath and take in a peaceful moment by the lake that surrounded by huge limestone mountains

Tips: Entrance Fee Malaysian 4RM, Non-Malaysian 8RM. Boat ride 25RM/pax

Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia - Tasik Cermin Mirror Lake
Boat ride in Tasik Cermin Mirror Lake in Ipoh Malaysia
Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia - Tasik Cermin Mirror Lake

16. Perak Cave Temple

The Buddhist Perak Cave temple is one of the highlight in Ipoh trip that situated on the limestone hill. Walking through the entrance you will first face the 40-feet tall gold Buddha and mural paintings of Buddhist scriptures on the cave wall. Take a 400 stair steps behind the alter that will lead you to the beautiful scenery of Ipoh townscape and mining factory


Perak Cave Temple in Ipoh Malaysia
Perak Cave Temple in Ipoh Malaysia
Perak Cave Temple in Ipoh Malaysia

17. Gunung Lang Recreational Park

The manmade cascade waterfall atop of the limestone hill is located in Jalan Damai (5km away from Ipoh town). Relaxing in the leisure park with the lake in front and the limestone mountain as the backdrop. You can spend the evening appreciate the view, jogging in the park, take a boat ride or petting animals in the mini zoo


Ipoh Travel Guide - Gunung Lang Recreational Park Malaysia
Ipoh Travel Guide - Gunung Lang Recreational Park Malaysia

What To Eat in Ipoh

Home of the Ipoh white coffee, chicken rice, and Douhua (tau fu fah). Ipoh is literally a food paradise for most if not all travelers that came here. We knew – the locals knew, what this city has to offer


I listed some of my favorite below:

  • Plan B Restaurant Ipoh
  • Chooi Yue Dim Sum Ipoh
  • Zhen Hi Hao Dim Sum Restaurant
  • Restoran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong
  • Ayam Garam Aun Kheng Lim
  • Nasi Ganja Ipoh (Nasi Kandar ayam Merah)
  • Kedai Makanan & Minuman Ding Feng
  • Kedai Makanan Nam Heong

What to eat in Ipoh Malaysia - Plan B
What to eat in Ipoh Malaysia - Plan B

How To Visit Ipoh

From Kuala Lumpur To Ipoh

By Train

I took ETS train from KL Sentral that took around 2.5 hrs to arrived at Ipoh Railway Station


By Bus

The bus will take around 3hrs from TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) to Ipoh Bus Station

*Bus station located 12km away from Ipoh town, you will need to take another transfer in order to get into Ipoh town. Otherwise, train station take only 10mins walk to reach the town


Getting Around Ipoh

Traveling in Ipoh town is easy, most of the attractions are all within a walking distance. To visit the outer part of Ipoh, you need to rent car/motorcycle or take a Grab to get there


Ipoh Travel Guide Malaysia

Traveling to Ipoh

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Where To Stay in Ipoh

I stayed at De Cafe & Rest House located in Ipoh Old Town. Nice and clean hostel, the owner was extremely helpful. The place is in the center, everything just in a walking-distance. Easily access to complete your Ipoh travel guide list!

De Cafe & Rest House in Ipoh Malaysia

Book Hotel in Ipoh