15 Best Things To Do in Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka or Malacca located in the southern part of Malaysia. The city is boasts with historical, street art and great food. One of the top destinations for travelers especially history enthusiast as Melaka and George Town has been jointly listed as UNESCO world heritage site since 2008. Melaka travel guide will lead you to the multicultural heritage and unique architecture, cultural townscape and colorful painting with artistic design on the old town wall

Melaka Travel Guide & Things To Do

1. The Stadthuys

Malaccan administrative center was built by the Dutch during the 60s. The iconic red terracotta building located in the red square that any Melaka travel guide will surely be included. Right in the heart of Melaka city, The Stadthuys (City Hall) also acted as the museum that displayed Malacca’s rich history and literature that waiting for you to explore

Tips: Local Adult 5RM / Child 2RM. Foreigner Adult 10RM / Child 4RM

Melaka Travel Guide Malaysia
Melaka Travel Guide Malaysia
Melaka Travel Guide - The Stadthuys Malaysia

2. St Paul's Church Melaka

The oldest St Paul Church in Malaysia located on the St Paul hill that was built since 1952. Constructed by the Portuguese in honor of the Virgin Mary for saving their life during a storm at sea. Little left to see but still have a beautiful trace of the history remain such as the bell tower and walls with engraved tombstones

St Paul Church Melaka Malaysia

3. Famosa Fort

A Famosa Fort is one of the oldest European architecture that was built in 1511. Located just behind St. Paul church, Porta De Santiago or a small gate house is the only thing that survive from the whole Portuguese administrative officials

St Paul Church Melaka Malaysia

4. Christ Church Melaka

The Church Street (brick red building) was built with the Dutch architecture in the 18th century. One of the most prominent landmark located along Jalan Gereja and the highlight in any Melaka travel guide. Behind the Protestant church usually have the souvenir shops, food trucks, and fancy trishaw

Tips: Trishaw is the three-wheeled vehicle with pedals decorated with colorful cartoon character and open loud music. One ride will cost from 25RM depends on the distance

Melaka Travel Guide - Christ Church

Melaka Travel Guide


5. St Francis Xavier Church Melaka

St Francis Xavier Church was under construction by the time we went there. The catholic church was built in 1849 facing Melaka River and was illuminated by the blue glow at night made it the perfect scene at the right location. People usually hang out in front of the church area, food trucks, street merchants, and street dancers usually made the night more lively

6. Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

The replica of the 15th-century palace of Sultan Mansur Shah has been constructed with traditional method without using a single nail. Learn more about Melaka’s Sultanate era from the fine workmanship through the exhibition of artifacts, photographs, and weapons that used by Malay warriors

The Stadthuys Melaka Malaysia

7. Melaka Street Art

When the old town was painted by colors, it became more charming. Not like the new blank canvas with colorful artistic design, the trace of history behind the wall keep drawing travelers into this small town. Look at it closely, not just foreigners, but locals also choose to spend their weekend getaway in Melaka

Tips: Have a chill evening along the riverside, admire the artworks on the old city wall. Take it slow and go into the small alley where the artist created their magic that wait for you to discover

Melaka Travel Guide Malaysia

8. Melaka River Cruise

One of the best way to have a glimpse of Melaka city is by taking a Melaka River Cruise along Malacca river that run through the heart of the town. Walk along the riverside to the jetty port behind Muzium samudera (Flor de La Mar). Hop on the boat, let the cool breeze hit your face while the eyes witness the colorful artistic design on the old town wall


Tips: Evening time before sundown would be ideal for the boat ride. Local Adult 25RM / Chile 15RM, Foreigner Adult 30RM / Child 25RM


Melaka Travel Guide Malaysia
Melaka River Cruise Malaysia
Melaka Travel Guide Malaysia

9. Melaka Straits Mosque

Masjid Selat Melaka located on Malacca island, walking through the shore for a better view as non-Muslim were not allow to enter during the prayer time. From that angle, if the tide is high you’ll feel like the mosque is floating from the ground. One of the Melaka travel guide’s unmissable destination

Tips: The mosque is quite far from city center, the easiest way is to take a Grab (will cost not more than 10RM). Avoid the heat during the day – Ideal time to visit is early in the morning or late afternoon

Melaka Travel Guide - Straits Mosque Malaysia

10. Cheng Hoon Teng

Cheng Hoon Teng is a Chinese temple located in the city center run parallel with Jonker street. Remain one of the finest and oldest temple in Malaysia that has been rewarded by UNESCO for its unique architectural design and restoration art. Admire the beauty and delicate design in the place that served spiritual needs, where many devotees come and pray for their best wishes

Cheng Hoon Teng Melaka Malaysia
Cheng Hoon Teng Melaka Malaysia

11. Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum

The Chinese-Malays (Baba-Nyonya) residence displayed the 19th century woodwork, porcelain, artifacts and furniture’s in the restoration three terrace lots. The museum is privately managed by the family to showcase Malaysia’s history Peranakan identity and culture


Tips: Entrance Fee Adult 18RM / Child 13RM, Guide tour 25RM


Melaka Travel Guide


12. Jonker Walk Melaka

Lets the feast begins. Jonker street located right in the heart of China town and is the center of the food paradise, antique collectors, DIY products, fortune tellers and so much more. The night bustling street only open on Fri-Sun from 6PM until midnight. The road can be packed with travelers, trinket sellers, and trishaws

Make sure to add Jonker walk into your Melaka travel guide. Do not explore the city with the empty stomach!

What to eat in Melaka Malaysia
What to eat in Melaka Malaysia

13. Malacca Tower

A 110 meter tall tower will allow you to have a bird-eye view of Melaka city. The first and only gyro tower in Malaysia with its rotating platform. The 7mins ride on Taming Sari Tower, you can have a glimpse of Melaka townscape with the 360 panoramic view!


Tips: Entrance Fee for Local Adult 17RM / Child 11RM, Foreigner Adult 23RM / Child 15RM


Taming Sari Tower Melaka Tower Malaysia

14. Melaka Maritime Museum (Flor de La Mar)

Turning the Portuguese ship Flor de La Mar replica into the museum, displayed the golden era of Malacca. Muzium samudera showcase paintings, articles, textile and sunken treasures from shipwrecks. A must stop that you shouldn’t miss out!

Tips: Entrance Fee for Local Adult 5RM / Child 3RM, Foreigner Adult 10RM / Child 6RM

Melaka Travel Guide - Maritime Museum (Flor de La Mar)

15. Museum of Royal Malaysian Marine. Muzium TLDM

Explore the exhibition of Malaysian marine navy from the communication equipment, naval uniform, medals, and weapons. The museum formally located in Perak, it’s then relocated to Melaka – opposite side of the Melaka Flor de La Mar

Museum of Royal Malaysian Marine Melaka Malaysia

How To Visit Melaka

From Kuala Lumpur to Melaka

The easiest way is to take a bus from Kuala Lumpur (TBS bus station or KLIA airport) to Melaka will take around 2hrs (15-35 RM)


*Other transportation would be a private transfer or a car rental


Traveling Around Melaka

Grab car is widely used in Melaka and is the most convenience way to get around. Most of the attractions located in the city center which are all within the walking distance


Melaka Travel Guide Malaysia

Traveling to Melaka

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Where To Stay in Melaka

We stayed at Imperio Residence Seafront located not too far from Melaka Straits Mosque. It was quite far from the city center, good that is not busy and offer a nice view of the south-side townscape

To easier complete your Melaka travel guide and convenience to access to both food and attractions, I would recommend to stay near the China Town or along the Malacca river in the city center

Melaka Travel Guide Malaysia
Melaka Travel Guide Malaysia

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