14 Best Things To Do in Penang, Malaysia (George Town)

Penang street art and historical heritage ranked on top of the list in any Penang Travel Guide. George Town the capital of Penang has been listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 2008. Living up to the standard, the ancient town was full of the pre-world war II historical sites, museums, Chinese clans and old school architecture. Dive into the historical lane to Penang National Park and the lovely beach of Batu Ferringhi. Penang has it all for you

Penang Travel Guide & Things To Do

1. Penang Hill

Hop on the first hill station in Penang with an elevation of 821m above sea level. The bird’s eye view of Penang island cityscape and Seberang Perai; the industrial estate where most Malaysian trading begins. Being one of the most popular tourist attractions, your Penang itinerary won’t be completed without visiting Penang Hill

Penang Hill Penang George Town Malaysia

Penang Hill comprises of a group of peaks, located 9km from the city center. You can take the bus or Grab to get there. There is a Hindu temple and mosque, along with adventure activities, animal shows, restaurants. The weather is cooler up there. Take your time and enjoy the view

Tips: Tickets available for both standard/fast lane – Local child 6RM/20RM, adult 12RM/40RM, Foreigner child 15RM/40RM, adult 30RM/80RM. You also can hike up/down Penang Hill and choose to buy only one way ticket for the train

Penang Hill Penang George Town Malaysia
Penang Hill Penang George Town Malaysia

2. Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si temple is one of the largest Chinese temple in Southeast Asia, located on the hilltop near Penang hill. Also known as the temple of serene bliss. Explore the magnificent buildings of monasteries, temple complex, prayer halls, turtle pond and the seven-story white and gold Pagoda of Rama VI

Penang Travel Guide - Kek Lok Si Temple in Malaysia

Climb up to the pagoda on the hilltop that will offer you a closer look of Penang cityscape and an overview of the temple complex that your Penang travel guide couldn’t afford to miss. Spend a good hour exploring different kinds of sculptures and carvings on the hard stone wall that has been influences from many parts of Southeast Asia Ex. Hong Kong, Singapore, and Philippines

Tips: The temple comprises of 4 stations uphill. You can take the elevator train to the 2nd station (located on the entrance), and the van to the top of the hill

Penang Travel Guide - Kek Lok Si Temple in Malaysia
Penang Travel Guide

3. Penang Street Art

Known as one of the best street art in Asia. The UNESCO world heritage town was painted colorfully by both local and international artists that scattered around the city. Ernest Zacharevic leaves his profound murals that pop across social media, travelers spend most of their visiting time to discover the magic behind the old town wall

Hint: Walking down Muntri Street, Weld Quay, Lebuh Leith, Armenian Street, Ah Quee Street

Penang Travel Guide

It’s time for the street art hunting!

Cartoon Steel Art Sculptures is one of the unique artworks that had been created by local artists that portrayed the story of George Town’s people beautifully through the creative ideas. I was once made a trip to Penang in 2009 and surprisingly most of the artworks I have seen, still there in a good condition

Street Art Penang George Town Malaysia
Penang Travel Guide

4. Hin Bus Depot

A contemporary art space located right in the heart of Penang, a creative community hub of George Town that allows talented artists to showcase their works in the gallery and event spaces. Let’s chill in the garden, grab some snacks and drinks, take in some creative artwork and have a good time here

Penang Travel Guide - Hin Bus Depot in Malaysia

Penang Travel Guide


5. Khoo Kongsi

One of the most distinctive Hokkien clan house in Southeast Asia and has been one of the major attractions in Penang. The 19th-century majestic building with intricate design of colorful ceramic mosaics, antique lanterns, and ornamental sculptures. Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi authentic work still can make people in awe until these days

6. Kapitan Keling Mosque

The 19th-century Indian-Mughal architecture was named after Kapitan Keling, the leader of the Indian Muslim community. One of most famous mosque in Penang is located in Street of Harmony, right in the heart of George Town

Penang Travel Guide - Kapitan Keling Mosque in Malaysia

7. Pinang Peranakan Mansion

The Penang’s Peranakan heritage is one of the most unique museum in Malaysia. The 19th-century mansion displayed Peranakan relics, antiques, customs, collections, and the craftsmanship of fine jewelry. The rich legacy of Babas and Nyonyas has been recreated to offer us a glimpse of the glorious era and distinctive lifestyle

Pinang Peranakan Mansion Penang George Town Malaysia
Pinang Peranakan Mansion Penang George Town Malaysia

8. Fort Cornwallis

Similar to British forts in India, Fort Cornwallis is one of the most important building in George Town that has little left to see. It was built to defend from pirate attack back in those days. Walk through the jetty port in late afternoon and let just chill in the park. There is an entrance fee of 20RM with the complimentary

well you can choose.. water or beer

Penang Travel Guide - Fort Cornwallis in Malaysia
Penang Travel Guide - Fort Cornwallis in Malaysia

9. The Whiteaways Arcade

Located right in the heart of George Town, between Bishop and Church Street. The historical building named after the original occupant that had been built sine the early 90s. A colonial architecture building was painted with artistic design inside and occupied with cafes, shops, restaurants. The place also held many events in the chillout space during the weekends. That will spice up your Penang travel itinerary

The Whitaways Arcade Penang George Town Malaysia

10. Chew Jetty

Penang floating village had been built by the Chinese immigrants. A long walkway and the house that located by the seaside was built with wood in a traditional and unique way in resistance of the seawater. Chew jetty consist of six clans, people with the same surname live in the same bridge and each clan have their own temple to pray on

11. Chulia Street Food

The most bustling street in Penang, everyone here were invited to join the feast at Chulia street food (Lebuh Chulia). Walking down the lane will just make your mouthwatering, the street packed with cafes, restaurants, and hawker stalls. Lets taste other foods, hear other language, you can find anything from fresh juice, fried pancakes, Char Kuey Teow to Apom

What to eat in Penang George Town Malaysia

Penang Travel Guide


12. Party at Love Lane

Cross the road from Chulia street food, you will find the iconic street art in front of 7-11. That’s where the Love Lane begins, where the night still young – The not so sober version of Penang travel guide. Walking down the lane and find the best comfortable bar to stay on. Be safe and enjoy Penang vibes from live music, Indy bar to iconic cocktail bars

Street Art Penang George Town Malaysia

13. Batu Ferringhi

A long stretch, clean beach located in the Northwest of George Town. Looking for a weekend getaway? Tug yourself in the resort retreat, sun bathing under long palm trees, or swim in the wide blue sea. Batik clothes also popular around here – buy one yourself or make some memories by doing it on your own. It’s a signature piece from Penang!

14. Penang National Park

The smallest national park in Malaysia is a home of a lovely pristine beach, mangrove forest, variety kinds of flora and fauna, and the silvered leaf monkeys. The trekking will start at gate close entrance, get lost in the nature, picnic in the garden or dip in the blue sea before taking the boat back from the end-route

Tips: Boat ticket can be bought at the entrance to Monkey Beach, Pantai Kerachut, or Teluk Kampi

Penang Travel Guide

How To Visit Penang

By Flight

The fastest and easiest way is to take a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang International airport that will take around one hour. International traveler also can take a direct flight to Penang as well


*Penang International Airport located on Penang island and its more convenient if you would like to travel to George Town (take around 20mins drive from the airport to city centre)


By Bus or Train

Bus and Train station are both located in Seberang Perai (the other side of Penang Island). In order to travel to George Town, you will need to take a ferry, bus, taxi to Penang island


Traveling Around Penang

Bus and Taxi operate throughout Penang island and most convenient. Most of the attractions are located in George Town and within a walking distance. Grab also widely use in Penang with reasonable price


Penang Travel Guide

Traveling to Penang

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Where To Stay in Penang

We stayed at The Gallivant Hotel that located near the city center. George Town area is one of the most chosen for travelers, as its located near all the restaurants, bars, night market, and most of the popular attractions

Would like to add Batu Ferringhi in your Penang travel guide? Is a nice choice for those who want to soak in a beach vibes, located in the Northwest of Penang island. Occupied with resorts, spas, and water sport activities

Penang Travel Guide

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