10 Best Things To Do in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai

Chiang Dao is a district in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chiang Dao travel guide has a highlight of wildlife sanctuary and National Park that keep drawing travelers in every year. An one hour drive away from Chiang Mai bustling city, take-in nature therapy, appreciate Doi Luang Chiang Dao spectacular view that standing firmly on the ground, catch people eyes with its beauty even from afar. The Mountain View alone will simply made you feel satisfied 

Chiang Dao Travel Guide & Things To Do

1. Doi Luang Chiang Dao Viewpoint

The viewpoint over look Doi Luang Chiang Dao Mountain that was so satisfy to watch. There is a famous homestay cafe up there called ‘Ban Rabieng Dao’ located next to the viewpoint offers a nice angle of the mountain view

Located in Chiang Dao National park, 20km away from Chiang Dao town that will take around 40mins drive. A small mountain road consists a lot of sharp turns and high slope, so please be careful

We spent our afternoon soaking in a beautiful scenery and chilling with uphill weather. Enjoy the moment, watching the clouds floating over the mountains until the last minute before the sun down. The unmissable destination on your Chiang Dao travel guide

Chiang Dao Viewpoint Chiang Mai Thailand

2. Doi Luang Chiang Dao summit

Stands on top of the list in Thailand trekking place, usually open around Nov-Mar every year. The beautiful limestone mountain in a height of 2,195m above the sea level, the third highest mountain in Thailand. The trekking distant of 16.6km normally take 2days and 1night to complete


*The reservation needed to be booked in advance

Chiang Dao Summit Chiang Mai Thailand

3. Chiang Dao Nature Trail

We went on a morning nature trail of San-Kan-Jong and Huay-Mae-Mad, 7km that took around 3hrs to complete. The trail can be booked with the homestay (almost every homestay in Chiang Dao will offer the trekking booking with transfer service)

Our guide came from Doi Luang Chiang Dao Animal Research Station, he has in-depth knowledge about the animal in this area. It was quite fun as he shared his experiences on how to spot the animals along the trekking route

Chiang Dao Nature Trail Chiang Mai Thailand
Chiang Dao Nature Trail Chiang Mai Thailand

The trail considered as easy trekking. There was a small path way on the cliff that need to be extra careful. Trekking is one of the options to learn more about nature in this area. Put one of these nature trail on your Chiang Dao travel guide list!


(Price: 300THB/person, Open Daily)


Chiang Dao Nature Trail Options

  • Doi Chiang Dao Research Station (3km, 1.5hrs)
  • San-Kan-Jong and Huay-Mae-Mad (7km, 3.5hrs)
  • Muang Forest and San-Kom-Pra (13km, 7hrs
Chiang Dao Nature Trail Chiang Mai Thailand
Chiang Dao Nature Trail Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Dao Travel Guide


4. Chiang Dao Cave

One of the top tourist destinations in Chiang Dao that worth talking about is Chiang Dao Cave (ถ้ำเชียงดาว) consists of stalagmite and the stalactite forming in difference shapes. The guide will walk you through five interconnected caves admiring the limestone cave and Buddhist temple located right on the foot of Doi Luang Chiang Dao Mountain


Tips: Entrance Fee 40THB, Guide 100THB, Open Daily 08.00-17.00

5. Wat Tham Pha Phlong

Take 500-ish stair steps to reach Tham Pha Phong Temple (วัดถ้ำผาปล่อง) that located up in the hill, backside of Doi Luang Chiang Dao. A peaceful cave temple that surrounded by forest, it can be a good exercise walking up through nature, found some peace when you finally reach the summit, take in the view, worship the Buddha or even watch the bird

6. Tree House Hideaway

Speaking true to its name, the road to the tree house is hard to reach made the place more peaceful, hidden away from the crowded well off the beaten track

The prime location located in middle of the jungle in Mae Mae village, literally surrounded by forest. The open air space facing the Mountain View definitely make you feel more inline with the nature. The wooden structure house, fire place to keep you warm at night, hammock that you can chill during the day

Add Tree House Hideaway on to your Chiang Dao travel guide. If you’re looking for a place to getaway from the noisy world, this might be the one

Tree House Hidaway Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand
Tree House Hidaway Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand

7. Baan TarnChevee

Enter the road through Tree House Hideaway, walking through the small village road until you hear the river flow. A cute cafe (บ้านธารชีวี) is standing isolated on the riverside, hid inside the village

Coffee and cake there was so yum! A small cafe covered with a green shade of big trees, a sound of water stream that run through all year round. A hidden gem that has been hideaway from the crowded

Baan Tarn Chevee Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand
Baan Tarn Chevee Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Dao Travel Guide


8. San Pha Kia (Doi Mae Taman)

Famously known for its beautiful scenery campsite San Pha Kia overlook Doi Luang Chiang Dao Mountain, surrounded by Cherry Blossom trees. The place is hard to reach but the view was absolutely worth all the effort. End your Chiang Dao travel guide list with this beautiful place to be

The mountain road to Doi Mae Taman has a high slope and rough terrain, car 4×4 and experienced driver is highly recommended behind the wheels

Things To Know About Doi Mae Taman

  • Highlight – Sea of clouds, Wild Himalayan Cherry blossom, Doi Luang Chiang Dao mountain view
  • Trekking – Doi Mae Taman Trail 13.2km
  • Accommodation – Homestay and Campsite (tent rental available)
  • Mountain Road – High slope, rough terrain, twists and turns
  • Food&Drinks – Small shop for food and snacks
  • Electricity – Only in office 8AM to 10PM
Doi Taman San Pha Kia Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand
Doi Taman San Pha Kia Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand

9. Try Glamping Experience

We stayed at Pa Pong Doi (ป่า โป่ง ดอย) in a tent that came with the view over look Doi Lung Chiang Dao in front is a real treat

We ordered BBQ or Mu Kata for supper, the homestay arranged everything in front of the tent for us, literally dinner with a view. Breakfast was served with homemade Thai Northern food in a tiffin – the traditional way of packing the food

Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide
Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide

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10. Riverside Homestay

Pang Sai Khum Rim Than (ปางทรายคำ ริมธาร) located in Mae Mae village, Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai. The place is situated on the riverside (near Tree House Hideaway and Baan TarnChevee)

The house consist of two bedrooms and one attic that can stay unto 4-6 people. The balcony look over the riverside, we can hear the sound of water stream all night. It can be cold after the sundown, don’t forget to pack some warm clothes

Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide
Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide

How To Visit Chiang Dao

We rented a car from Chiang Mai city to Chiang Dao that will take around 1.5 hrs drive (75km) along highway No.107. The road along highway is well-paved road easy to drive but the mountain road consists of high slope, small lane and sharp turns. So please be careful if you were to drive there by yourself


*Car rental should cost around 1kTHB/day (excluded gas). Please check the car condition, warranty, and insurance before renting


Other transportation options are motorbike rental, minivan, bus, hire a car or one/multi day-trip

Chiang Dao Chiang Mai Travel Guide

Traveling to Chiang Mai

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