Best Things To Do in Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Doi Suthep travel guide will allow you to explore one of the crucial part that plays in Chiang Mai tourism.Lets explore Kruba Siwichai, Wat Phra Doi Suthep, Huay Keaw Waterfall, Wat Pha Lat, and Bhubing Palace. Drive up further to a home of Hmong in Doi Pui mountain or take a challenging route to the summit. Take a trip early in the morning, you’ll find many cyclic or locals running up the mountain on their regular exercise. One of the places in Chiang Mai that you shouldn’t miss 

Doi Suthep Travel Guide & Things To Do

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (วัดพระธาตุดอยสุเทพ) is located on top of the mountain, driving uphill 11 km away from downtown. Being one of the most sacred temple in Northern of Thailand and the most important temple in Chiang Mai

Taking 306 steps of seven-headed serpent staircase to reach the temple considered as Buddhist merit. The golden pagoda situated in the middle with Lanna architecture style that had been built since early 19th century

The temple has been respected not only locals but most if not all of Thai Buddhist people, that had came to worship the Buddhist relics enshrined there. The unmissable destination on Doi Suthep travel guide

Doi Suthep Travel Guide Chiang Mai Thailand

The temple acted as the viewpoint that overlook Chiang Mai city, you can also expect to see people cycling on a bike or running uphill early in the morning and evening to reach the top of the mountain as part of their exercise. The road is well-paved and the land is wide enough for you to drive there safely


Doi Suthep Vipassana Meditation Center is also located in the temple area. The International Buddhist Center provide the insight meditation in line with the 4 foundations of mindfulness (body, feelings, mind, and mind objects). The meditation course provide with Short Stay (4-14days), Foundation Course (21days), and Advance Review Course (14days)

Tips: Entrance Fee Foreigner 30THB, Open Daily 05.00-21.00)

Doi Suthep Travel Guide Chiang Mai Thailand
Doi Suthep Travel Guide Chiang Mai Thailand

Kruba Sri Wichai

One of the most respected Thai Buddhist monk, known as the Thai monastic especially in Lanna (northern of Thailand)

Doi Suthep Travel Guide - Kruba Sri Wichai Chiang Mai Thailand

Wat Pha Lat

The hidden temple in a lush green forest located half-way through to Doi Suthep temple. The calm and peaceful atmosphere, famous for their Monk Trail and Meditation Centre (polite dress code noticed)

The architecture and design was built in Kruba Srivichai period over 600 years ago and also had an influence from Burmese style. One of the popular destination in Doi Suthep travel guide

The Monk Trail can be start at the parking lot at the foot of Doi Suthep Mountain, from Chiang Mai University or Chiang Mai zoo, that will take around 1.3km. The proper shoes and clothes needed attention, the terrain is quite rough and can be very hot during the day (trekking early in the morning or late in afternoon was highly recommended)

Doi Suthep Travel Guide - Wat Pha Lat Chiang Mai Thailand
Doi Suthep Travel Guide - Wat Pha Lat Chiang Mai Thailand

Bhubing Palace

Bhubing Rajanives Palace (พระตําหนักภูพิงคราชนิเวศน์) located in Doi Buak Ha mountain, drive further away from Doi Suthep Temple that was built in 1961. The royal winter residence has been one of the famous tourist attractions in Chiang Mai


The building sits on stilts or Reun Mu as Thai Northern style architecture. The beautiful scenic with fresh landscape consist of green fern garden, flower gardens and wide variety of roses


Tips: Entrance Fee Thai Child 10THB / Adult 20THB, Foreigner 50THB

Doi Suthep Travel Guide - Doi Pui Hmong Village Chiang Mai Thailand

Activities in Chiang Mai

Doi Pui Hmong Village

Doi Pui Hmong Village (บ้านม้งดอยปุย) is the home for Hmong Miao hill tribe, drive 4km further from Phuping Ratchaniwet Palace. The road is quite small, consists of slopes and turns so please be careful


‍There is winter flowers garden, a little waterfall, and pinetrees that had been planted up there. The weather is considerably cold all year round. The souvenir shops has been stalled all the way through from parking lot to the flower garden


We went there walking around, had Khao Soi at ‘Khao Soi Loong Surin’ as one of our local friends recommended not to miss, the strong local taste not was something new to me. We settle for some coffee near the Hmong museum, overlook the garden and a nice Mountain View before heading to the viewpoint. The Hmong kids were too cute to resist! that fluffy red cheek was so adorable

Doi Suthep Travel Guide - Doi Pui Hmong Village Chiang Mai Thailand
Doi Suthep Travel Guide - Doi Pui Hmong Village Chiang Mai Thailand

Doi Pui Viewpoint

Doi Pui Viewpoint (จุดชมวิวดอยปุย) is located near Doi Pui Camping Area, drive a little further around 6km from Doi Pui Hmong Village to reach the viewpoint. The place is facing the west side over look Hmong village with the mountain range in the background


We spent our evening there to watch the sun goes down, It was very nice indeed (maybe I’m a little bias as the sunset freak), but watching the sky slowly changing its color is somehow one of the most beautiful things


It will get colder after the sun goes down plus you have to drive down through the mountain road to Chiang Mai town, windbreaker will definitely be helpful

Doi Suthep Travel Guide - Sunset at Doi Pui Viewpoint Chiang Mai Thailand
Doi Suthep Travel Guide - Sunset at Doi Pui Viewpoint Chiang Mai Thailand

Huay Keaw Waterfall

Huay Kea waterfall (น้ำตกห้วยแก้ว) located next to Chiang Mai Zoo in the area of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. A small waterfall of 10m that has water runs all year round – surrounded by fresh greenery forest, a lovely spot near Chiang Mai town that you can spend sometimes relaxing or picnic

Khun Chang Khian

The sakura of Thailand that will be flowered only on Jan-Feb. Can be found in the cold weather cities, which in Thailand only available in the North

Drive further away from Doi Suthep. Khun Chang Khian is a home of Hmong. The car will be packed the mountain road, need to be extra be careful

Khun Chang Khian Chiang Mai Thailand

Trekking in Doi Suthep

There is some challenging tracks available in Doi Suthep such as Doi Hua Moo Viewpoint and Doi Pui Summit

Doi Suthep Travel Guide Chiang Mai Thailand

Traveling to Chiang Mai

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How To Visit Doi Suthep

We went there by motorcycle, the road to Doi Suthep is a well-pave road with slope and turns, it’s pretty much easy to drive. I used Honda Lead 125cc and it worked just fine. The road to Doi Pui Hmong village and viewpoint will be smaller and consist of more sharp turns


If you have insufficient driving experience or not confident in driving a mountain road, please consider to take another form of transportation. You can book a day tour (Doi Suthep is a top destination in Chiang Mai, Day Tour is easy to find and available everyday) or take SongTiew/Rod Daeng that available all day long


From Chiang Mai town to Doi Suthep. The Public transport – SongTiew/Rod Daeng (Red pick-up) located at the foot of Doi Suthep near Chiang Mai Zoo or North gate morning market


From Doi Suthep to Doi Pui, the transfer service is available in front of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep Travel Guide Chiang Mai Thailand

Attractions near Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Ang Khaew Reservoir

A hughe reservoir located in Chiang Mai University (CMU). We spent our morning walking around the reservoir that acted as the public park, meet-up spot, the place for recreations and more

The beautiful mountain view of Doi Suthep in the background. Well known among locals, Angkhaew ranked high on top of the list in Chiang Mai travel itinerary

Spend a relax morning walk with a peaceful environment, surrounded by green scenery of forest and mountain view will definitely ease your mind. Take a visit to Angkaew reservoir before take the road uphill to complete your Doi Suthep travel guide list

Ang Khaew Reservoir Chiang Mai University CMU Thailand
Ang Khaew Reservoir Chiang Mai University CMU Thailand
Ang Khaew Reservoir Chiang Mai University CMU Thailand

Wat Phra That Doi Kham

Wat Phra That Doi Kham (วัดพระธาตุดอยคำ) or Golden Mountain Temple is located up in the mountain ‘Doi Kham’ (13km from Chiang Mai downtown, 25mins drive), built in the late 17th century, has known for its 17m tall Buddha statue swathed in gold robes

Luang Por Tun Jai (หลวงพ่อทันใจ) is famous and had been respected among Thai people. Most people came to pay respect and wish their desire with Luang Pot Tun Jai that had been built the same way as in Myanmar. If people granted their wish, they will returned with the garland of jasmine

As the temple is located on the forest hill, the mountain road consist of slopes and sharp turns, so please be careful on the ride. The balcony also offer a clear view of Chiang Mai city on the back of the temple

Wat Phra That Doi Kham Chiang Mai Thailand
Wat Phra That Doi Kham Chiang Mai Thailand

Tours in Chiang Mai

Ob Khan National Park

Ob Khan National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติออบขาน) is located in Hang Dong, Mae Wang, Chiang Mai (30km from Chiang Mai downtown, 45mins drive). A steep limestone cliff channel that has Mae Khan River flowing through

Tips: Avoid smoky season in Feb-May as farmer in north burn their fields and bio waste

Ob Khan National Park Chiang Mai Thailand
Ob Khan National Park Chiang Mai Thailand

Ob Khan Nature Trail Loop
 in the length of 2.3km, but most people will take and easy route of 800m to reach Ob-Hi and back the same way (highlight: Ob Khan, Viewpoint, Ob Khan George, Ob Hi)

The national park offers a camping, hiking, picnic, swimming and bird watching opportunities

Best time to go is in the afternoon before sunset or early in the morning, much better to spend a nice walk rather than get exposed by the sun

Ob Khan National Park Chiang Mai Thailand
Ob Khan National Park Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai Night Safari

Chiang Mai Night Safari located in Mae Hia, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai (12km from downtown, 20mins drive). The place covers an area of 819 rai and and been listed as the biggest night safari in the world

The activities start from Tiger World, Tiger Show, Night Predator Show, Safari Tram, Take a photo with small animals, Petting Zoo, Jaguar Trail


Chiang Mai Night Safari Thailand
Chiang Mai Night Safari Thailand

Day Safari Tram Ride
: Day Safari is open from 13.30 to 16.00. The enclosed tram leave every 30 minutes and the ride will take around 60 mins.

Start from the first zone of Savanna Safari (Herbivores animals) to experience the animals close up, such as giraffes, zebras, red- kangaroos,… and moved on to the second zone of Predator Prowl (Carnivores animals) such as white tiger, lion, spotted hyena

Chiang Mai Night Safari Thailand
Chiang Mai Night Safari Thailand

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