14 Best Things To Do in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Welcome to the North of Thailand, Mae Hong Son filled with the majestic mountains range, beautiful waterfalls, steps rice paddies field and charming northern accent. Travel to Chiang Mai famously known among travelers, you can’t help not to hear about Mae Hong Son Loop – top destinations for two-wheel riders, the mountain roads with 1860 turns and more than 600 km. Take on some new adventure and lets explore Mae Hong Son town from Ban Rak Thai, Pang Oung, Pai, Mae Sariang, Kaew Komon and Tham Lod Cave

Things To Do in Mae Hong Son Thailand

1. Wat Phra That Doi Kongmu

A Buddhist temple located on top of Kongmu hill has two large pagodas facing Eastside offer a sunrise view and cityscape of Mae Hong Son Thailand, on the back facing Westside offer a nice sunset and scenery of Burmese mountains

Wat Phra That Doi Kongmu Mae Hong Son Thailand

The sacred temple of 
Wat Phra That Doi Kongmu (วัดพระธาตุดอยกงมู) had a strong influenced from Burma mixed with Tai Yai (Shan people, Tai ethnic group of Southeast Asia). There were the Birthday Buddha statues (Mon to Sun) around the pagoda for people to worship according to their birthday

One of the top tourist attractions in Mae Hong Son. People travel miles away to worship this temple, locals usually running from the town to the summit. We went there both in the morning and at night, seeing both sunrise, sunset, and a night view of Mae Hong Son


Wat Phra That Doi Kongmu Mae Hong Son Thailand
Wat Phra That Doi Kongmu Mae Hong Son Thailand

2. Mae Hong Son Trekking

Known among locals as Doi Chom Muang (ดอยชมเมือง) the entrance was in a private property. The mountain located in the Northeast side, the summit offer a nice view of Mae Hong Son cityscape and Phra That Doi Kongmu


It was one of the most beautiful treks I had ever been to in Thailand, the orange big leaves falling from the trees covered the path all the way up to the mountain. The floor were full of rocks and with the leaves covered it up, made it harder to trek uphill


The clouds pretty much covered up the mountain and Mae Hong Son town, we were able to see the glimpse of Doi Kongmu when the wind blew the clouds away

Mae Hong Son Thailand Travel Guide
Mae Hong Son Thailand Travel Guide
Mae Hong Son Thailand Travel Guide

3. Ban Rak Thai

Love Thai Village (บ้านรักไทย) is a small highland village that has a lake in the centre surrounded by restaurants and homestay. Uphill area is where locals grow tea and tiger strip peanut as the landscape and weather that cooler made it perfect for cultivation

Boat Ride in the lake is one of highlights in Ban Rak Thai (the ideal time would be sunset hour and early in the morning when the fog floats above the water). Soaking in the beautiful scenery of Chinese Yunnan village on the hill slop. The walking street decorated in Chinese style full of red lanterns. Try some Yunnan signature dishes – Steamed Bun and Braised Pork Hock

Boat Ride 350THB/hr , Open Daily


Ban Rak Thai Mae Hong Son Thailand
Ban Rak Thai Mae Hong Son Thailand

Mae Hong Son Travel Guide


4. Visit Thailand-Myanmar Border

Drive less than 10mins from Baan Rak Thai. There is a school on Myanmar side located near the border, Myanmar people need a temporary Thai ID card in order to cross the border to Thailand

Thailand Myanmar Border Mae Hong Son Thailand

5. Pang Oung

The Royal Forest Project at Pang Tong 2 (ปางอุ๋ง) has a deep green glittering reservoir is a home of a pair of swans (a symbol of true love, a long-lasting happy relationship with a partner) A signature of Pang Oung that draw travelers in every years

The enormous evergreen pine trees forest is one of the most romantic scene in the north of Thailand that became the famous wedding photoshoot site. The campsite located on the bank around national park reservoir

Pang Oung Mae Hong Son Thailand

Pang Oung is a peaceful forest that can soothe your mind. The path to get here was not easy, the short twists, sharp turns, and high slop made me really dizzy while driving. The national park also has a border with Myanmar (Burma) the path to get there were off the grid, muddy and rough terrain – the scene that I debut my first ever motorcycle fall!

Tips:  Entrance Fee Thai Adult 20THB Child 10THB / Foreigner Adult 100THB Child 50THB

*The ticket can be used to entrance Tham Pla (Fish Cave) and Pha Suea Waterfall

Pang Oung Mae Hong Son Thailand
Camping Site Pang Oung Mae Hong Son Thailand

6. Pha Suea Waterfall

One of the top tourist attractions in Mae Hong Son Thailand has the water originated from Sa Nga River in Myanmar located in Tham Pla -Namtok Pha Suea National Park. The water in the height of 10m and 15m wide

Best time to visit is in rainy season (Jul-Sep) that you’ll be able to admire the full stream of water flow from the cliff (as the name of the waterfall)

7. Fish Cave

Tham Pla (ถ้ำปลา) is one of the popular attractions surround by green forest, the water cave filled with numerous fresh water fish ‘Soro Brook Carp’ swimming upstream


The fishes were believed to be vegetarian that they eat only vegetable and insects, the food can be purchased for feeding at the Entrance. The statue of Hindu God ‘Nara’ stands near the cave believe to protect the holy fishes in the cave


The place has a relax atmosphere, you can spend sometimes walking through the garden, observe the cave or take on the nature trial that available in the national park

Tham Pla Fish Cave Mae Hong Son Thailand

8. Pang Mapha Viewpoint

Ban Luk Khao Lam Viewpoint (จุดชมวิวบ้านลูกข้าวหลาม) located 55km up north from Mae Hong Son town, take the highway 1095 towards Pai. The viewpoint of Pang Mapha (จุดชมวิวปางมะผ้า) offer a landscape of a wide mountain range that is a home of hill tribes minorities group

Mae Hong Son Thailand Travel Guide

9. Doi Kio Lom Viewpoint

The highlight on the highway 1095, 24km away from Pai. The viewpoint (ดอยกิ่วลม) offer the picturesque landscape with the layers of mountains, you can make a quick stop before continue the journey to reach Pai

Doi Kio Lom Viewpoint Mae Hong Son Thailand

Mae Hong Son Travel Guide


10. Pai

One of the most loved destinations among backpackers in South East Asia circuit with its chill vibes, crazy nightlife and the landscape that surrounded by nature. The perfect combination that made Pai an unmissable destination when visited North of Thailand

Pai Attractions: Pai Canyon, Night Walking Street, Pam Bok and Mo Paeng Waterfall, Hot Springs, Wat Phra That Mae Yen, Tubing in Pai River, Tham Lod Cave, Santichon Chinese Village, Bamboo Bridge

Pai Thailand Travel Guide

11. Nam Lod Cave

Tham Lod (ถ้ำลอด) is located on highway 1095, drove 77km from Mae Hong Son town towards Pai. The cave is one of the important archeological site and Unseen of Thailand, total length of 1km. The cave located higher from the ground with underground river run through

Tham Lod (Tham = cave) is one of the popular tourist attraction. The cave is separated into 3 chambers, Sao-Hin-Luang Cave (a massive cave formation), Doll Cave (climb high ladders to reach a doll-like formation cave), Phe-Man Cave (rafting through the other end of the cave and climb up to see a beautiful cave formation with a wooden coffin inside)

Nam Lod Cave Mae Hong Son Thailand
Nam Lod Cave Mae Hong Son Thailand

Guide 150THB, Rafting 450THB per 3persons, Open Daily 08.00 – 16.00

Things You Should Know About Lod Cave:

  • We need to take 350m nature trek to reach cave entrance
  • No artificial lights installed inside the cave, the local guide will carry oil lamp to guide the way (better to take portable light torch)
  • Local guide barely speaks English (or even Thai in my case)
  • A lot of bats in the cave, especially on the rafting part and the third chamber (face mask is highly suggested)
  • A high-ladder climb on second and third chamber cave
  • Stay hydrate! keep a bottle of water with you
Nam Lod Cave Mae Hong Son Thailand
Nam Lod Cave Mae Hong Son Thailand

12. Mae Sariang

Muang Yuam (เมืองยวม) located in the Northwest next to Myanmar border. The second biggest district (แม่สะเรียง) of Mae Hong Son Thailand. Famously known for Phra That Si Chom (Phra That = Stupa) or the four main temples that located up in the mountain in the four directions of the town


Mae Sariang Attractions: Mae Sariang Morning Market, Wat Jong Soong, Mae Sariang Museum, Wat Chom Thong Viewpoint, Wat Phrathat Chom Mon, Wat Chom Kitti, Wat Phra That Chom Chaeng, Yuam River

Mae Hong Son Thailand Travel Guide
Mae Hong Son Thailand Travel Guide

13. Pha Bong Viewpoint

The famous viewpoint that located on highway No.108 offers a nice scenery of huge mountain layers stand beautifully in front that has Mae La Mard river run through to the power plant


It was raining at the time we went there, the clouds covered half of the Mountain View but the majestic scenery still shines beautifully. There was also a cafe at the view point of Pha Bong (จุดชมวิวผาบ่อง) – take a sip and appreciate the view before you continue the journey

Pha Bong Viewpoint Mae Hong Son Thailand

14. Kaeo Komon Cave

Tham Kaeo Komon Forest Park (ถ้ำแก้วโกมล) located in Mae La Noi District, Mae Hong Son Thailand. The calcite crytal cave (carbonate mineral) situated in the Forest Park was coincidentally found by mining engineer in 1993

The close cave was 120m long and 30m underground depth (entrance and exit the same way). Low breathing air inside so that they only allow maximum 15-20 person per visit with the tour guide. The cave separated into 5 chambers, as to be said, the last chamber is the most beautiful and has the purest formation

The pure calcite crystal cave was found only in China, Thailand and Australia. The calcite snowflake-like cave formation is quite rare in nature

Caution: The air and space inside was quite limit – beware of your own safety especially those who have a breathing problem

Tips: Entrance Fee Child 20THB / Adult 40THB, Open Daily 08.30-16.30


Kaeo Komon Cave Mae Hong Son Thailand
Kaeo Komon Cave Mae Hong Son Thailand

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How To Visit Mae Hong Son

From Bangkok To Mae Hong Son

You can take the flight from Bangkok – Lampang – Mae Hong Son (that will take around 3hrs). Other transportation available from Bus, MiniVan, Car Rental/Hire


From Pai / Chiang Mai To Mae Hong Son

Public Transportation available from Bus, MiniVan, or Hire a car service

The popular way is to do Mae Hong Son Loop by motorcycle. Most people will start from Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son – Pai. To fully explore Mae Hong Son province through the 600km mountain roads with 1860 turns


Mae Hong Son Loop by Motorbike Travel Guide

Mae Hong Son Thailand Travel Guide

Traveling to Mae Hong Son

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