Phuket Thailand, Ultimate Travel Guide

Phuket Travel Guide (ภูเก็ต) The paradise of Southern Thailand. A home of one of the most serene beaches, a wild night life, a fresh seafood, fantastic tourist attractions, the breathtaking viewpoints overlook Andaman deep blue sea. Traveling from east through west coast, catching every sunset where the sky meets the sea. Phuket is known as one of the city that offers the most beautiful sunset in Thailand and I don’t even have a doubt why

Phuket Travel Guide : Best Beaches in Thailand

Karon Beach

One of the longest beach in Phuket and has been one of the most favorite beach for family destination. The place seem not to be crowded even in the high season, made it ideal for relaxation, sunbathing, swimming, or beach volleyball as Karon beach has a wide soft sandy area

Beachfront road is the home for big hotels, beach clubs and other entertainments line along the street that stretched up to 3km on the west side

Things To Know About Karon Beach

  • Highlight: Sunset, Swimming, Beach Volleyball
  • Access: Easily access from the road
  • Facility: Hotels, Food, Nightlife, Shopping
Phuket Travel Guide - Kata Karon Beach

Kata Beach

The second most visited beach after Patong. A Clear blue sea with the soft white sandy shore is also a favorite destination for family getaway. The place can be crowded with travelers but still offer the peaceful homey touch

Surfing and Parasailing lovers? Added Kata beach into your Phuket travel guide list!

The waves made it the perfect place for surfing. We went to surf on the afternoon till the sun went down behind an iconic islands that stood on the center of the ocean (surf school to board rental can be found easily on Kata Beach)

Things To Know About Kata Beach

  • Highlight: Surfing, Parasailing, Paddling, Swimming, Sunset
  • Access: Easily access from the road
  • Facility: Hotels, Food, Nightlife, Shopping
Surfing at Karon Beach Phuket Thailand

Freedom Beach

A secret beach hidden on the West coast of the island that can only reach by long-tailed boat in the high season (cost around 1kTHB) or hiking through the jungle, entrance near Avista Resort in Patong drive through the small dirt road, follow the sign to the trekking starting point

Being one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket travel guide list, the place deserve your effort to taste the beautiful blue sea, soak in the peaceful and relax atmosphere that only few people can reach. Follow the hidden path and lets the sun kissed your skin

Things To Know About Freedom Beach

  • Highlight: Sunbath, Swimming
  • Access: By boat in high season, Hiking
  • Facility: Food and drinks shacks
Phuket Travel Guide Thailand
Puket Travel Guide - Freedom Beach
Puket Travel Guide Thailand

Phuket Travel Guide

Cape Singh Beach

A hidden beach from the recent years that can reach by small boat (cost around 100THB) or walking through the hidden path on the cliff from Surin Beach

A short stretch beach has only few people there made it more peaceful, perfect for relax, sunbath and swimming. Don’t forget to bring food and drinks along! as the beach was quite empty, both food stalls and people lol

Things To Know About Cape Singh Beach

  • Highlight: Sunbath, Swimming, Snorkeling
  • Access: By boat in high season, Walking through hidden path
  • Facility: Restaurant on the cliff
Phuket Travel Guide - Cape Singh Beach
Puket Travel Guide - Cape Singh Beach
Cape Singh Beach Phuket Thailand

Patong Beach

The most well known among tourists especially the nightlife in ‘Bangla Road’ that full of bars packed along the street, the beach never sleep. For Patong, You might like it or hate it, the fantastic beach, nice waves perfect for swim also came with a wild nightlife

Patong Beach has been one of my favorite place to watch sunset in Phuket travel guide list, the clear view where the sky touch the sea made it more pleasant to watch the sun goes down like a canvas painted with colors

Things To Know About Patong Beach

  • Highlight: Sunset, Swimming, Paragliding, Bangla Road
  • Access: Easily access from the road
  • Facility: Hotels, Food, Nightlife, Shopping
Phuket Travel Guide - Patong Beach
Puket Travel Guide - Patong Beach

Kamala Beach

A peaceful beach on the waistcoats with a shallow clear blue sea and soft sandy shore has been on top of the list for travelers who would like to have a quiet holidays

Things To Know About Kamala Beach

  • Highlight: Sunset, Swimming, Sunbath, Surfing
  • Access: Easily access from the road
  • Facility: Hotels, Food, Nightlife, Shopping
Phuket Travel Guide - Kamala Beach
Puket Travel Guide - Kamala Beach

Mai Khao Beach

The longest beach in Phuket, located near Phuket International Airport and has the beach area that is part of Sirinat National Park

Plane spotting is one of the highlight in Phuket travel guide, those amazing shots were taken in Mai Khao Beach, the 11km long stretched beach. The beach has no beach chair, umbrella or food venders as it is the part of the national park

Things To Know About Mai Khao Beach

  • Highlight: Swimming, Airplane landing Shot
  • Access: Walk from main road
  • Facility: Hotels, Food, Nightlife, Shopping
Phuket Travel Guide - Mai Khao Beach

Yanui Beach

A lovely and quiet beach located between Cape Phromthep and Windmill viewpoint. The view look over Koh Man in front that can reach by kayaking if the waves is calm

The place is also famous for fishing, you can expect to see some local on the coast-line fishing during the day or fisherman climb up to the rocks with fishing nets

The place can be crowded in high season as it easily access and has a lot of activities to entertain

Things To Know About Yanui Beach

  • Highlight: Fishing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, SUP
  • Access: Easily access from the road
Puket Travel Guide - Yanui Beach
Puket Travel Guide - Yanui Beach

Best Viewpoint in Phuket, Thailand

Cape Phromthep

One of Phuket’s top tourist attraction that speaking true to its beauty. The breathtaking view overlook a clear blue sea and light sky

Cape Phromthep or Laem Promthep (แหลมพรหมเทพ) can be crowded with people that hungry for the sunset shot in the evening, the place also known as ‘Sunset Viewpoint’

Came early, reserve yourself a seat and enjoy the last ray of sunlight as the sky start to change colors, the sun dropping from the sky to the wide ocean free. The unmissable destination of Phuket

Things To Know About Cape Phrom Thep

  • Highlight: Viewpoint, Sunset
  • Access: Easily access from the road
  • Facility: Food & Drinks shacks
Phuket Travel Guide - Cape Phrom Thep
Sunset at Cape Phrom Thep Phuket Thailand
Sunset at Cape Phrom Thep Phuket Thailand

Phuket Travel Guide

Karon Viewpoint

One of the most easily access viewpoint located between Cape Phromthep and Kata beach. Drive there and admire the breathtaking Phuket west coast view


Puket Travel Guide - Karon Viewpoint

Black Rock Viewpoint

Take a little effort to hike up to Black Rock viewpoint where you can witness the clear blue sky and ocean wide-free blended in seamlessly


Puket Travel Guide - Black Rock Viewpoint

Phuket Old Town

The colorful old town that full of restaurants and cafes. Best explore by foot, taste the authentic local food – fancy cafe and best night life experience


Cafe in Phuket old town Thailand

How To Visit Phuket

From Bangkok To Phuket

Phuket Internation Airport has the flights available for both domestic and international. That made it very convenience to visit Phuket. Other transportation available from bus, minivan, train-bus, car rental, or hire a car


Phuket Airport located in the east-side and quite far from Phuket Town and other beaches. You can take the transfer from Phuket Bus Service, Taxi, or private transfer

Traveling in Phuket

Vehicle in Phuket : Car, Motorcycle and Scooter Rental, Bus, Taxi, or Phuket Bus Service (from airport to other beaches)


Phuket Travel Guide Thailand

Traveling to Phuket

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Where To Stay in Phuket

We stayed at Avista Grande Phuket Karon – MGallery located on the west coast, right on Karon beachfront street. It was such a pleasant stay, the balcony view overlook Karon beach that you can even watch the sunset from the room!


The place located in the centre of all attractions, easily to hop on to other beaches nearby, popular but not crowded. Karon ticks all the boxes we need for a nice Phuket getaway


Avista Grande Phuket Karon Thailand
Avista Grande Phuket Karon Thailand
Avista Grande Phuket Karon Thailand

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