14 Best Things To Do in Hoi An - Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang Travel Guide will let you discover one of the most beloved beaches in Vietnam to the charming yellow mustard buildings of Hoi An (Hội An). The exceptionally well-preserved UNESCO heritage site, the colorful glowing lanterns at night. The perfect romantic scene. You can either chill in a decent cafe or grab a drink and soaking in Hoi An charm by the river. Hoi An became one of the most loved destination in Vietnam for all travellers around the world, the lovely city that will made your heart feel warm

Things To Do in Hoi An, Vietnam

1. Explore Hoi An Old Town

Hoi An is one of the most charming cities.. okay, I might be a little bias because it’s all in yellow tone. This old town has been exceptionally well-preserved and has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999. A mixed of the old and the new, old street of Hoi An is full of restaurants, cafes and bars located in an old wood buildings

You can either spend a nice chill afternoon wander around the old street of Hoi An, or settling down in a decent tea house or coffee shop. Soaking in a warm and vibrant atmosphere of the authentic local experience in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide
Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide
Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide

2. Quan Cong Temple

Unmissable destination for tourist attraction, Quan Cong temple has a unique architecture design that stand out from the old buildings of Hoi An Old Town. One of the most oldest holy shrines, a worship place devoted to Chinese military general – Quan Cong (Quan Van Truong). A spiritual treasure that captivated both locals and travelers more and more every year

Tips: Entrance Fee 150k VND, Open Daily 08.00 – 17.00

3. An Bang Beach

Besides the main attraction as Hoi An Old Street, a white sandy 4km long stretch beach – ‘An Bang Beach’ (Bãi Biển An Bàng) located in the Northwest side – 5.7km away from Hoi An Old Town

You can spend the day chilling on a beach lounge chair, order a smoothie or surfing through the waves in a deep blue sea, watching the sun slowly goes down behind the mountain

An Bang Beach Hoi An Vietnam

4. Cycling Around Hoi An

Most of the homestays in Hoi An offer a free bike for rent, allow you to freely explore the city. Most travelers will take the road towards A Bang beach, bike along the rice fields in a nice atmosphere

Tips: You can choose either to explore by yourself or participate in a free bike tour that held by locals to outer parts of Hoi An

Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide
Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide

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5. Ba Mu Temple Gates (Tam Quan)

One of the most famous sightseeing in Hoi An, the old temple complex that first built in 1626 located in Hai Ba Trung street. Locals known by the name ‘Ba Mu Temple’, the iconic three-entrance gate look stunning during the day and even more beautiful at night as you can see the reflection from the water in front the temple

Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide

6. Japanese Covered Bridge

Another iconic spot in Hoi An old street is Japanese Covered Bridge, a well-designed structure with unique beauty and special architecture made it way to be printed on Vietnam 20,000 VND banknote. The pagoda is also acted as the religious site that most locals come to ease their mind and pray for best wishes

Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide

7. Hoi An Night Market

The vibrant atmosphere, variety affordable and tasty street food. Sparkling colorful lanterns are something that draws travelers to this lovely town to experience it first hand. A lively experience, romantic night scene of Hoi An that you couldn’t afford to miss

Most travelers noted the glowing lanterns in their itinerary, cruise on lantern boat in Hoai River, or make a wish with flower garlands (light up lantern – make a wish – make them afloat on the river and you will get good luck and the wishes will come true)

Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide
Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide
Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide

Things To Do in Da Nang, Vietnam

8. Marble Mountains

The Five Elements Mountain (Ngũ Hành Sơn) is a cluster of five marble and limestone hills, named after the metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. We took 156 stair-steps up to see Buddhist and Hindu grottoes, pagodas, and shrines

The mountains filled with many caves and tunnels to explore, each statues has spiritual explanation and history that wait to be told

Marble Mountains Da Nang Vietnam

Being one of Da Nang top attractions, historical treasure and natural wonder, but I would say it’s more of a spiritual setting that even locals came here regularly to worship and pray. Climb up to the top of the hill, the viewpoint offer the overview of Da Nang cityscape and coastline

*Be sure to bring enough water and wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you’ll be walking a lot both ups and downs stair steps

Tips: Entrance Fee 40k VND, Open Daily 07.00 – 17.00

Marble Mountains Da Nang Vietnam
Marble Mountains Da Nang Vietnam

9. Am Phu Cave

The spiritual setting of Am Phu Cave (Động Âm Phủ) tells the story of the future wrong-doers after they passed away according to Buddhism

The highlight might be ‘The Court of Justice’ that will determine your sins. Following the outcomes or Karma, represented in the sculptures of bad people being torture or get punishment in life after death

*The cave can be dark and humid, please beware of the slippery

Marble Factory located mid-way between Marble Mountain and Da Nang town. The marble sculpture workshop that mostly represent religious figures for Buddhism and Hinduism, the artwork and craftsmanship is definitely outstanding that will worth a visit

Tips: Entrance Fee 20k VND, Open Daily 07.00 – 17.00

Am Phu Cave Da Nang Vietnam
Am Phu Cave Da Nang Vietnam

10. Monkey Mountain

Da Nang’s top tourist attraction, Monkey Mountain (Núi Sơn Trà) located in Sơn Trà Peninsula overlook Da Nang bay. People on the east coast will familiar with the enormous white statue called ‘The Lady Buddha’ or ‘The Goddess of Mercy’ sitting on the ground of Linh Ung Pagoda


Monkey Mountain Da Nang Vietnam Travel Guide

Not only tourists but locals also came here to pray and seek peace of mind. Some fishermen come to pray before setting sail, believe that the Lady Buddha will give them fortunes and save them on the sea. Naughty monkeys and dogs are playing around in the area, so please be careful of your belongings

Monkey Mountain Da Nang Vietnam Travel Guide
Monkey Mountain Da Nang Vietnam Travel Guide

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11. My Khe Beach

Being one of the most beautiful coastline city in Vietnam, My Khe beach named the most popular and well-known among locals and travelers. The beach located just 5km away from Da Nang city

Best time to visit is during Summer (Apr-Sep) that will allow you to enjoy the bright sunshine, clear water and stunning sunset

*Around Oct normally has big rainfall and flooding in Da Nang

Da Nang Vietnam Travel Guide
Da Nang Vietnam Travel Guide

12. Da Nang Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge is one of the most remarkable landmark of Da Nang, it’s hard not to miss the 666m long bridge across Han River that connected between Da Nang International Airport to My Khe beach and Non Nuoc beach. The bridge inspired by Ly Dynasty, was constructed from 2009-2013, equipped with the LED lights that will glow brightly at night

Dragon Bridge fire show regularly held at 9PM every weekends and on major holidays (Vietnamese Tet). The place can be crowded, so better get there early and find some nice spot to enjoy the experience

Some recommended places such as on the Dragon Bridge itself, Bach Dang and Tran Hung Dao street, or buildings/restaurants/cafes near the bridge

Da Nang Dragon Bridge Vietnam

13. Try Authentic Vietnamese Food

The street food in Hoi An Night Market is something you couldn’t afford to miss. A variety of local food that await for you to try. The local authentic restaurant was really nice to try. All very tasteful

I list some of my favorite below:

• Hoi An Cuisine

• Bếp Cuốn Đà Nẵng (Vietnamese food)

What To Eat in Da Nang Vietnam
What To Eat in Da Nang Vietnam

14. Try Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee with condense milk is common around here, I tried quite a few, from Coconut Coffee, Egg Coffee to Salt Coffee, and don’t forget to try local beers!

The growing of cafes, restaurants and bars will made your trip to Hoi An and Da Nang even more fun to explore!

I list some of my favorite below:

• The Espresso Station (coffee, quiet cafe)

• Chu An Cafe (coffee, nice view of Hoi An bridge)


How Visit Da Nang

From Thailand to Da Nang
I took a direct flight from Chiang Mai Thailand to Da Nang International Airport. For international traveling, taking the flight might be the easiest way to visit Da Nang

From Da Nang to Hoi An
It takes roughly 45mins to commute. Transportation available from private transfer, taxi, bus, and shuttle bus

‍*Beware of Grab taxi, check the plate number to be exact as in the app

‍Traveling In Hoi An / Da Nang

Various transportation available from bike, motorbike and car rental, Grab is widely used with reasonable price

*Traffic in Vietnam was quite chaotic, so please be careful. If you were to drive. Keep beep beep

Traveling to Da Nang

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Where To Stay in Hoi An

I stayed at Bill Ben Homestay located near Hoi A Night Market. Close to all the cafes and restaurants in a walking distance. The place was clean, free bicycle for rent, plus the host was really nice and helpful

where to stay in Hoi An Vietnam

Where To Stay in Da Nang

I stayed at Sala Danang Beach Hotel located right in front My Khe Beach. We picked the sea view room facing the East side, it was a pleasant stay indeed

The afternoon rooftop pool and night bar is the best way to unwind. The 25th floor offers both Da Nang cityscape and seascape, that will give you a glimpse of a glorious seaside city

Sala Danang Beach Hotel Vietnam
Da Nang Vietnam Travel Guide
Da Nang Vietnam Travel Guide

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