Epic Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

Ha Giang Loop located high North of Vietnam, arguably the most magnificent road in Vietnam, if not in Southeast Asia. Best experience by motorbike to take-in the breathtaking, jaw-dropping, gorgeous emerald river and majestic mountain passes slowly on two wheels. It quickly became one of a dream destination for adventure seeker who craving the open road. I cannot put into words enough how impressive it was, the photos look absolutely stunning but the experienced we got was so much more 

Explore Ha Giang Loop in Vietnam

Bac Sum Pass to Heaven Gate

We began our adventure from Ha Giang city and took on the road towards Bac Sum Pass to the first stop at ‘Heaven Gate’ offers a nice kick-off scenery view. There is a viewpoint cafe (Cafe Cổng Trời) that most of the riders rest for some drinks to refresh themselves

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

The Twin Mountain (Fairy Hills)

The Twin Mountains or Fairy Hills viewpoint over look the city view of Tam Son village was our second stop. Not far from the Heaven Gate, you will easily notice the remarkable twin mountains, that standout uniquely behind the village of Tam Son

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

Nam Dam Village and The Lake

We went to have lunch in a local homestay (Bống Bang Homestay) at Nam Dam village. The food was too good, we literally empty all the dishes

The Lake located not too far from Nam Dam village. The tale has been told that the queen had been cheated by her husband, cried so hard that all the tears became the rain that grew these forest in Ha Giang and from that, created The Lake here

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

Buckwheat Flower Field

We drove passed by Buckwheat Flower Field (flowered in Sep – early Dec every year), the soft lovely white carpet has become one of the list in most tourists itinerary. The field has been planted by farmers in the area which the yield are used as an healthier alternative to wheat to make specialty food by ethnic minorities

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

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Tham Ma Pass

Tham Ma Pass is located 10km away from Yen Minh Town, the road towards Dong Van village. The S-curve road with these twists and turns look effortlessly stunning from the view point

You can also expect to see Hmong minorities carrying flowers for photo op, known as ‘The Flower Girls of Ha Giang‘ or the kids with intense make-up at the resting point. So cute!

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

H'Mong King Palace

Dinh Vua Mèo or Hmong King Palace is an ancient villa of King Vuong Chinh Duc & his family in Sa Phin, that has been listed as one of the most important historical sites for Hmong ethic minorities. The palace surrounded by a massive stone outer wall to defense the attackers back then. The place was built in 1902 and opened for tourists visit since 1993

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass (Mã Pí Lèng) is one of the most spectacular passes in Ha Giang Loop. Located in the ‘The Happiness Road or Road 4c’ that connected between Dong Van and Meo Vac village

A high mountains pass, the rocky cliffs that allow the emerald ‘Nho Que River’ to pass through, compile with ‘The Tu San Canyon’ considered the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia, situated in the most unique geological tectonic in Vietnam

You just can’t talk about Ha Giang Loop without mentioning Ma Pi Leng Pass. The indispensable destination, the unique beauty made its name to most if not all travellers who came to experience this breathtaking mountain road first-hand

Ma Pi Leng Pass Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

The Sky Walk

The Sky Walk is one of the highlight that you may definitely see on most instagram posts if searched for ‘Ha Giang Loop’. A long rock poking from the mountain shot (Mỏm Đá Tử Thần). We parked the bike down the entrance (The Happiness Road Museum) and walked through the narrow sky path, climb up the rocky hill to reach the spot overlook the layers of mountains below

*Beware of your own safety, DO NOT climb if you scare of the height!

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

The Bumpy Road

The roads on Ha Giang Loop are in good condition for the most parts, but there are some that were under construction.. The concrete road scene changed to rough rocky road and white dusts all over, known as ‘The Bumpy Road’ among riders (face mask is highly recommended)

The stunning scenery, the gigantic mountains stand side by side on this rocky roads were simply fascinating to see, the layers of stone with difference colors made it more charming

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

The Road From Meo Vac to Mau Due

This will remain THE BEST part of my Ha Giang Loop experience. The mind-blowing, breathtaking, jaw dropping scenery

The weather was so nice, the sun shines on the mountains, the sky were light blue, the gentle wind blows and the endless slope mountains view. All contribute to made the scene even more effortlessly beautiful

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

The valleys of terraced fresh green rice paddies, the road that had been well-constructed through these mountains. I’m just so grateful for whoever that built this in order for us to experience this beauty first-hand. The nature in the North is just something else, my eyes sparkling literally on every turns on the rode

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

Du Gia Waterfall

Du Gia Waterfall or Thâm Luông Waterfall located in Du Gia village. It was such a nice way to finish off our day. We quickly trow our things at the homestay jump back to the bike and wash off the dust from bumpy road there, taking a dip in cold water and jump from the cliff!

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Lung Tam Village

Lung Tam Village located in Quad Ba district is known as a long-standing traditional craft that occupied by Hmong ethnic minorities. We got to experience the handmade textile process from start to finish, the intricate traditional wavering process was impressive. The art of making linen products has been passing from generations to generations


Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

Hem products from scarfs, bags, wallets, and clothing that made from natural ham trees can be purchased in the shop to directly support the Hmong there. The skillful weavers of women in the village from the older women to the younger girls represent the cultural life of people in Lung Tam

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

What To Eat in Ha Giang

My perspective of Vietnamese food simply changed after ‘Ha Giang Loop’, the local homemade food here just so delicious

We were wondering before doing the loop, what were they talking about, happy water? my mind kept guessing to the wildest things possible.. Do not forget to add ‘Happy Water’ (homemade rice wine) to savor your meal!

Literally.. một hai ba, dô!  cheers!

Karaoke is another thing you shouldn’t miss, we went to ‘LINH PUB’ near Dong Van Old Town Market; locals also held the dance and bonfire there

Food in Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Food in Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Food in Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

How To Visit Ha Giang

From Hanoi To Ha Giang

The sleeper bus will take around 6hrs. From Hanoi Bus Station to Ha Giang Town

Traveling to Ha Giang

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Best Time To Do Ha Giang Loop

The Ha Giang Loop is beautiful all year round, the nature and surroundings will change depends on the season. But definitely best in dry season to avoid any terrain slippery and landslide

One summer days it could be rain and storm, who knows

Pick your convenience and be prepared for all conditions. Pack your gears, charged your batteries and lets roll on the adventures!

Jan-Mar: Spring, Flowers blossom (peach and plum)

Apr-May: Warmer, lovely weather

Jun-Aug: Peak heat and rain

Sep-Oct: Perfect weather, Gorgeous golden rice field

Nov: Pleasant weather, Buckwheat flower, Lower rainfall

Dec: Chilly, Dry and cool. In higher altitude there could be snow and freeze

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam Travel Guide

How To Pack To Ha Giang Loop

Your things will be attached on the back of the motorcycle, bring on the small backpack and keep it light! But make sure to brings all the necessaries, the packing list also depends on the time of the year and season you will go to

Stay Hydrate! always bring a bottle of water along

What To Bring To Ha Giang Loop

  • windbreaker (or light to medium weight jacket)
  • x days changes of clothes
  • heavy jacket and winter wear (in cold season)
  • swimwear
  • towel
  • shoes (solid one, flipflop can be use as additional)
  • medicine
  • sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses
  • phone, camera, chargers
  • cash
Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam
Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

Where To Stay in Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang: Ha Giang Cozy Hostel

Dong Van: Khách sạn Phùng Thanh

Du Gia: Cheers Du Gia Homestay

*Local homestay can be found easily in each village, all accommodations that we stayed was clean and so comfy! The food was great and not to miss, they offered a generous Happy Water to savor our meal, Good Time!

Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike in Vietnam

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