Paradise and Dark Cave : Phong Nha, Vietnam

Phong Nha travel guide will introduce you to one of the Vietnam’s true treasure that allure adventure travelers around the world to this city. Worth all the hype you’ve heard, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park (Vườn quốc gia Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng) is a home for the world’s largest cave of Son Doong that exclusively open and was fully booked for a year. The UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites that has been listed since 2003 is full of adventurous activities from cave system exploration, hiking, trekking, cycling, and kayaking

Phong Nha Travel Guide & Things To Do

Paradise Cave

Paradise Cave or The Underground Palace (Thiên Đường Cave) is located in Phong Nah Ke Bang National Park that has the length of 31km long. Known as the Asia’s longest dry cave that was discovered in 2005 by local man and opened to public only 1km to explore. Paradise Cave offer the art-like limestone formation, jaw-dropping beauty that came into the spectacular scale that you couldn’t find elsewhere


Paradise Cave Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide

How To Visit Paradise Cave

You can choose to go with the tours (mostly the tours will provide with combination of Dark Cave or Phong Nha Cave)

After reaching Phong Nha Kebang National Park, we had to trek uphill from the parking lot, around 1.5km to reach the cave entrance, it was a little bit raining that day, the floor was quite slippery. So please be careful and prepare for all weather and conditions

Tips: Entrance Fee 250k VND, Open Daily 07.00 – 16.00

Paradise Cave Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide
Paradise Cave Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide

Paradise Cave is the first-ever cave that I had been to, now I think I set my standard of what cave should look like way too high

Not a single regret.. I was walking down there in the wooden staircase through the cave, silently appreciate this nature-made beauty. It truly is magnificent!

Paradise and Dark Cave Tour:

  • Pick up at Dong Hoi Railway Station (or any place in Phong Nha/Dong Hoi)
  • Paradise Cave
  • Lunch at Local Restaurant (by the river near Dark Cave)
  • Zipline and Kayaking (and a bit of swimming)
  • Dark Cave
  • Send off to any accommodations in Phong Nha/Dong Hoi
Paradise Cave Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide
Paradise Cave Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide

The spectacular stalactites and stalagmites are surreal. The cave was illuminated by big spotlights, the wooden staircases and lighting is well-made to prevent touching and all the damages travelers could make

The guide explained all the detail of the cave at the entrance of what we expect to see and let us explore the cave freely by ourselves. It was a good call

We spent some good time to appreciate this beauty that has been forming continuously over 350 million years. I was completely blown away


Paradise Cave Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide
Paradise Cave Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide

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Zipline & Kayaking in Phong Nha

In order to reach ‘Dark Cave’ we have to go through a turquoise river (Chai River) by zipline (suggesting weight 40-90 kgs) and a little bit of swim from the station to Dark Cave Entrance (alternative of zipline and swim is kayaking). The zipline is quite fun, the scenery and weather after the rain is really nice

After came back from the Dark Cave (entrance and exit the same way), we need to kayaking across the river to the origin station, from that they let us swim and play on the sling freely

What To Bring To Dark Cave:

  •  Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • GoPro (optional)
  • If you wish to bring the Phone/Camera (waterproof case is needed)

*All the safety equipment’s and helmet/lamp-head were provided

*Most tours can choose between Dark Cave and Phong Nha Cave with Paradise Cave

Kayaking Dark Cave Phong Nha Vietnam
Dark Cave Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide

The Dark Cave

Hang Too (Dark Cave) is located in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, 6km away from Paradise Cave. If Paradise cave is a laid back, a bit of trekking, walking to admire the spectacular limestone formation in the cave. Dark Cave is a fun, adventure, and get yourself wet part that filled with zip lining, swimming, kayaking, and mud bath!

I was looking forward to it, to experience all the fun part

After entering the cave, our guide requested us to turn off the head lamp, it was completely dark and silent. We were walking through the water, on the stone and thick mud floor to reach the other side of the shore. The cave consist of Basalt, the black hard rock. There is a reason why they called ‘The Dark Cave’

I had to admit I was scared at first, but once you let yourself be inline with the cave. It was calm. Let yourself freely float through the water, two feet on the muddy ground, and listen carefully to the cave. Unmissable destination of your Phong Nha travel guide

Tips: Entrance Fee 450k VND, Open Daily 07.30 – 16.00

Dark Cave Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide

Explore Phong Nha Town

Phong Nha has become one of the top destination that appeared on the list of adventure-seekers. One of the world largest cave systems offer the hiking, trekking, cave camping, kayaking, cycling and motorbike tours. You name it

The town surrounded by mountains lay side by side, the wide green river, endless rice paddies and friendly locals especially the kids! Biking around the town was just a fun thing to explore

Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide
Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide

Chill by Song Con River

I had a strong hunch that my furry little friend want to cuddle and have some chill time

It was raining in the afternoon that I had to pull my adventure plan down. Instead, having smoothie, cuddling with the puppy at the homestay

Listened to my favorite playlist, overlook Song Con River with the huge mountains as a backdrop, watching long-tail boats commute to take tourists to Phong Nha Cave

It was quite an afternoon well spent. Skip the beat from our adventurous Phong Nha travel guide list to take some times to rest

Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide

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What To Eat in Phong Nha

I had quite a basic dish during my stay in Phong Nha. Mostly were fried rice with pork and shrimp. I got addicted to frenchfries and smoothie yogurt A LOT and the homestay kitchen happened to do good job about it

Smoothie yogurt mixed with fresh fruit from strawberry, banana, peach, passion fruit. All good!

I list some of my favorite below:

Dong Hoi : Sophie Homy Cafe & Food

Phong Nha : Funny Monkeys Homestay

Food in Phong Nha Vietnam
Food in Phong Nha Vietnam

How To Visit Phong Nha

From Hanoi To Phong Nha
I took 1st Class Sleeper Train (4bed, Air Con, 893k VND) departure from Hanoi 7.25PM to Dong Hoi Railway Station at 5.30AM. The bed is SUPER clean and comfy

From Dong Hoi to Phong Nha Ke Bang
It took around 40mins drive (private taxi and bus available for the transfer)

Traveling in Phong Nha
Bicycle mostly rent-free in any homestay in Phong Nha. Motorcycle rental can be found around town

Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide

Traveling to Phong Nha

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Where To Stay in Phong Nha

I stayed at Funny Monkeys Homestay for 2nights, located right by Song Con river, the place is super chill and homey. The room is clean and the food is SUPER DUPER delicious especially smoothie, I literally had that in every meals

The host and Mrs.Tu is really nice and helpful. The little doggy accompanied me throughout the stay. No doubt I had a very good time and a warm welcome there

Phong Nha is known for its nature and cave system, the city offer a wide range of accommodations. Get your best authentic experience by staying close to the river-side or in the lodge

Phong Nha Vietnam Travel Guide
Phong Nha Vietnam Accommodation

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